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Invest EU: a good deal for the future
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Invest EU: a good deal for the future


The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe is strongly supporting InvestEU, a European Investment Program adopted today in a plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. This program will take over and amplify the Juncker investment plan after 2020. ALDE played an active role in parliamentary committees so that InvestEU could support projects whose risk profile would have found it more difficult to finance.

Nils TORVALDS (Finland, Svenska folkpartiet), ALDE spokesperson for this issue amid the Budgets Committee, said:  «  InvestEU provides us with a continued focus on long term sustainable investments and job creation, a project that the Juncker fund already started. To ensure that our EU funds are spent according to EU priorities, we have in InvestEU a mechanism that better ensures that all investment project are economically and environmentally sustainable. We want more investments in Europe, but without giving up on our principals while doing it ».


Ramon TREMOSA i BALCELLS, (Spain, Partit Demòcrata Europeu i Català), ALDE spokesperson amid the Economic and monetary affairs committee, added:    «The InvestEU programme is an opportunity for the EU to fill the investment gap, on one hand, and to boost investment proactively, on the other. The work undertaken together with MEP Torvalds has been enriching. We appreciate the simplification brought by uniting the multiple financial instruments under this one Programme, which will have one single rule book making things easier for citizens ».


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